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Enhance your customer experience and increase engagement while advertising and marketing your brand!  Our photo booths will create a memorable experience while allowing you to capture leads and opportunities!  

We can create a custom package that will incorporate our best options for your company! You can choose a one-time experience for your next event or you can keep a photo booth on-site for repeat customer use!


Printing photo booth

Give your guests a gift to take home which will help them remember your event forever! The printing booth provides HD 4×6 prints within seconds!

The printing booth is a top-rated option among our event planners! 

We have dozens of customizable templates that will match your unique aesthetic!


Social Booth

  Our Sigh Social Booths are the affordable solution you’ve been dreaming of! We’ll set up the stand-alone booth and break it down once your event is over. No attendants are necessary & your guest will love it.

This booth is perfect for branding your event and instantly sharing pictures onto social media in real-time! Your guests can instantly receive unlimited digital copies via SMS or email.

special effects

The Special Effects Photo Booth creates unique experiences and photographs!

Your guests will have lots of fun with a custom background and more than a dozen filters, logos and images to choose between! They’ll be able to instantly share their images on social media with your custom event branding.

Virtual Props + Filters + More! 


glam booth

The Glam Photo Booth sometimes referred to as the “Kardashian Booth,” is perfect for high-glam photos! This booth creates a perfectly smooth and radiant glowing skin effect that your guests will love!

Currently rated as a “#1 Wedding Must Have For The Glamorous Bride” by our team! This modern twist on the classic black and white photo is magical! 

Gif booth

The GIF Photo Booth creates fun gifs which are perfect for projecting onto a large screen! Your guests will have lots of fun posting their gifs on their social media feeds and seeing them displayed throughout the room!

Add a sharing station and our designers will create a print layout using one or all of the still images taken in the GIF sequence. Now you’ll have something super awesome to share online and put on your refrigerator, too.

Selfie Printing Station

This wireless printing station turns every guest into a personal photographer.

How It Works:

Your guests will capture photographs on their mobile-device and print from the printing booth. Their photos will be displayed inside a custom digital template and printed with your branded event info! 




LIVE Red Carpet

No more hiring a photographer and waiting days or weeks for your professional pictures! You can get them INSTANTLY when you book our Live Red Carpet!

Our professional photographer will capture your guests on the red carpet and your guests will instantly receive a printed and digital copy.

Our Smile Squad will manage crowd flow!

green screen booth

Take a trip to a faraway galaxy or head back in time to Hollywood’s Golden Era. No matter where you want to go, our Green Screen Photo Booths can take you there. No transporters or time machines needed – good lighting and a little bit of magic will do the trick!

The Green Screen Booth brings your event to life by adding one of hundreds of images, backgrounds, logos, and more.



head shot lounge

Corporate events are not complete without a professional headshot lounge with a professional photographer!

Empower your guests to update their head-shots while utilizing their 1-on-1 sitting time to share information related to your business!

We use DSLR cameras and studio quality lighting to make your guests feel and look incredible. 



Roaming Photo booth

The Roaming Photo Booth is a perfect addition to all events!

This wireless photo station allows the host/hostess to bring the photo fun to all guests!

Whether you have an indoor crowd of 100 or an outdoor crowd of 10,000, our Smile Squad will maximize each photo opportunity.

photo mosaic wall

Your guests will love this interactive experience! We can create digital or physical mosaics based on the pictures that your guests take in real-time during your event. Photos are instantly retrieved from our on-site photo-booths or roaming photographer’s camera and displayed in a super cool mosaic! The Mosaic Wall boosts guest engagements and allows everyone to be a part of the biggest picture!


led photo booth 

Our most-requested booth for evening parties, proms, cocktail hours and indoor branding opportunities!

The LED booth lights up any space and IS the entertainment!

This booth is perfect for instantly sharing pictures onto social media in real-time! Your guests can instantly receive unlimited digital copies via SMS, email or 4 x 6 prints!


event photographer

We offer both stationary and roaming photographer experiences!

Our Roaming Event Photographers go where the action is to capture your guests as they experience your event, while our Stationary Photographers are placed at a specific location to capture your guests as they walk the red carpet or in front of a step & repeat backdrop.

 a  la carte rentals

Sometimes you just need a backdrop, a memory book, fun props or more! We’ve got you covered!

We have rental and purchasing options available that will meet your immediate or long-term needs. 

If you can dream it, we will help bring your vision to life for your next awesome event! 

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